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Jennifer Aniston comes clean

Actress talks nude scenes and hair extensions with Nancy O’Dell
/ Source: Access Hollywood

For months now, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have been playfully dodging romance rumors.

But now, Jen has more to deal with, including her nude scene in “The Break Up.”

Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell sat down with Jen for a little tush talk.

“I have to commend you on your finally being honest and very open on what I think is one of the biggest, most scandalous things in Hollywood,” Nancy told Jennifer.

“Oh wow,” Jen anxiously replied.

But before we reveal the scandal and cover up (we'll get back to that in a sec), we tackle other pressing matters.

“You have a very nice tush,” Nancy laughed.

“Thank you Nancy,” Jen said humbly.

In her new romantic comedy “The Break Up,” Jen gets naked for Vince, albeit tastefully of course.

“Did you ever think twice about it?” Nancy asked.

“It's one of those scenes that you sort of forget about because you love the movie and the script so much,” Aniston explained. “I just knew that it would be shot tastefully and it was such a funny joke in my mind, that I just figured well, just grin and bare it.”

But on a more serious note, Jennifer told one magazine that she hoped to start a family in the next year.

“That was a misquote, by the way,” Jen explained. “Well only because I'm not. I'm a realist. I know you can't get a family in a year. I just sort of meant you know, eventually. That's something I would love for my future. But I didn't mean like tomorrow.”

But now, the media microscope is zeroed in on Jen's relationship with her co-star Vince.

“Is it getting any better? Last time we talked, you said it was frustrating,” Nancy said.

“All this stuff, I just think it's… I think it's going to get better… Hopefully, it will all just subside,” Jen admitted.

And now, back to the scandal at hand. The moment you've waited patiently for…

“Hair extensions!” Nancy proclaimed.

“Ha ha. Oh jeez. I was trying to figure out where this was going to go,” a relieved Jen laughed.

Nancy couldn't resist teasing the 37-year-old, who once said the extensions destroyed her hair.

“I'm sure I've [expletive] off a lot of people who are in the hair extension business. I didn't quite think of it that way, but you know,” Jen said.

“Did you get phone calls?” Nancy asked.

“No, I was speaking more from my own experience. It was really bad. Did you ever have the experience?” Jen asked Nancy.

“Are you kidding? I've got so much hair in my glove compartment, that I keep thinking if I get pulled over, somebody is going to think I murdered somebody,” Nancy laughed.

Catch Jen and Vince in “The Break Up” on June 2.