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Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling talk loss of Luke Perry: 'It still doesn't feel real'

"With Luke, you loved him the minute you met him and you were just engaged by his charisma," Garth said.
/ Source: TODAY

Luke Perry’s death still feels as fresh as ever for his “Beverly Hills, 90210” family.

On the latest episode of their "90210MG" podcast, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth reflected on Perry’s death in 2019 at the age of 52 while talking about his first appearance on the Fox drama.

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“It’s a hard thing because as hard as people think it is for us to navigate talking about Luke publicly, it’s still hard for us to talk about him privately ‘cause it still doesn’t feel real” Spelling said.

"I still don't accept it, in a weird way," Garth shared.

Spelling said losing one of their own was a shock to the system.

“Obviously, you guys can tell we had a lot of love for him and it’s a hard thing to navigate. I guess none of us ever thought we would get to that point where one of us would be gone,” Spelling said. “That’s not something you think about in life until it happens to you.”

Spelling also remembered an incident involving co-star Ian Ziering when the cast reunited for the “BH90210” reboot last year

"When we first got together for the first promo shoot, there was a moment, it was heartbreaking, where Ian slipped," Spelling said.

"We were waiting for all of us, and we, you know, we count — it's like when you have kids and you count your kids — there was always eight of us, and you count. Ian turned around and said, 'Where's Luke?' and then I just saw him catch himself, and he turned away and I could see his heart breaking and he started to cry. It was what we were all thinking, though. He was just not there. We didn't feel complete, and we still don't."

While his death left millions reeling, Spelling said she took comfort in seeing how lives he touched.

"All the fans, just to see how much it impacted people. That part felt good because he had such an impact on the world, he really did," Spelling added.

Garth said Perry and his character, Dylan, actually had quite a bit in common.

"Luke is such an of-the-Earth human being," she recalled. "That character that you saw a lot of who Luke Perry really was. They were very similar in their makeup. With Luke, you loved him the minute you met him and you were just engaged by his charisma.

"But it was not over the top; it was just this really calm, easy vibe that he would give off to everyone and I think that Dylan did that, too, and that’s why America and the world fell in love with him."