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Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling reveal the '90210' quotes they hear the most

"BH90210" stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling look back on their favorite moments as Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin on the original "Beverly Hills, 90210."
/ Source: TODAY

Longtime friends and "Beverly Hills, 90210" co-stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling can be seen onscreen together again in Fox's "BH90210" — and in honor of the much-anticipated reboot, the pair reminisced with TODAY about their favorite moments from the original show ... starting with their most famous lines.

"For me, fans quote the most, 'Donna Martin graduates,'" said Spelling, referring to the episode in which the West Beverly High student body protests a school policy that would ban Donna from commencement activities. "They always ask me to say it, which is funny, because in the episode, I never actually said it. But people stop me. And they're like, 'Just say it, please.' So I'm like, 'Donna Martin graduates.'"

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As for Garth, "I think, probably, my most famous line was, 'I choose me,'" she said, adding, "You know what? Those are words of wisdom, people, to live by. Pass that down to your children. Choose yourself."

While Garth said her favorite episode was the 1990 pilot, Spelling particularly enjoyed getting to dress up in some of Donna's over-the-top ensembles, such as the mermaid costume she wore in the show's 1991 Halloween episode.

They also reflected on the series' ability to take on serious issues not previously explored in other teen shows.

"The original '90210' was a show unlike any other show on television at that time," Garth said. "We had the opportunity to really delve into so many great issues, like, things that teens were actually going through and dealing with in their lives and things that nobody was talking about yet. There was no social media then. So we really had this great platform to bring a voice to young people."

She added, "I remember one of the biggest compliments that I ever got from people along the way was people saying, 'You helped us talk about something in our house. Watching your show together, with my kids, made it something less taboo. We could talk about things easier.' And I always thought that was such a great thing."


Spelling and Garth also looked back at some of the style trends "90210" set.

"The '90s fashion are everywhere," said Spelling. "And we're like, 'Oh, yeah, we created that look.'"

"They're selling those same outfits now in Urban Outfitters," Garth added.

"90210" is still beloved by the viewers who grew up with it, nearly three decades later.

"I think the show works now for the same reason it did then," Garth said. "You want to see that world. You want to go to Beverly Hills. You wanna live in that world that was created. And you watch it, you get sucked in. There's something so poppy and colorful and flashy about it. And I think that that’s why it did work and I think that’s why we’re hoping the new 'BH90210' makes you want to come hang out with us, live with us, be where we are."