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Jennie Garth tells story about fight with Shannen Doherty: 'We took it outside'

Things got so heated that co-star Tori Spelling hid in her dressing room!
/ Source: TODAY

If you thought the drama on the original “Beverly Hills, 90210” was intense, wait until you hear how wild it was offscreen.

While promoting the show’s upcoming reboot, “BH90210,” with Tori Spelling on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” star Jennie Garth recalled how an altercation with Shannen Doherty got physical when asked about the worst fight they ever had while shooting the classic ‘90s show.

"I can only remember one incident and that was when, yeah, we took it outside,” she admitted.

Cohen probed further to ask if it got physical.

"Yeah, I'm a Midwestern girl, and I spent some time in Glendale, Arizona. So, that makes you tough,” she said.

So, who emerged victorious?

"The guys that held us back," Garth said. "So, we never actually (did anything)."

Spelling has memories of that encounter, although she did her best not to be part of it.

"I stayed in my dressing room shaking when it was happening," the mom of five said.

It’s no secret that Garth and Doherty had issues while on “90210” and, according to Garth, this particular fight stemmed from the fact Doherty pulled up her skirt.

"I'm pretty sure I got in her face, but we're just both strong Aries women," Garth said. "We don't back down — no matter what."

Interestingly, Doherty has had to endure rumors she was causing trouble on the set of the reboot.

"Being a part of tv history is an honor but it also comes with some massive backlash. There has been many stories floating around about this show and me. One of the reasons I hesitated to say yes was for this crap," Doherty wrote alongside a headline claiming she and some other actresses were responsible for problems on the set.

Despite all of the friction in the past, Garth and Spelling are thrilled Doherty is coming back for “BH90210.”

“We’re so happy that she’s back,” Garth said.

“She’s such an integral part of the show and the history of ‘90210,’” Spelling said. “It wouldn’t be the same without her.”

It sounds like all the ill will is in the past, so you can see if the chemistry is back when “BH90210” premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.