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Jenna Jameson, best-selling author?

Porn star's raunchy memoir luring fans to bookstores
/ Source: Reuters

She’s got two bodyguards, four dogs, a surgically enhanced double D-cup bust and an almost 600-page book on the best-seller list.

And the fact she spends a lot of her time naked has nothing to do with living in the warm climes of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Indeed if, as some have suggested, porn stars are the new socialites, Jenna Jameson whose raunchy memoir has been on the New York Times best seller list for months, is this century’s Brooke Astor although one more at home in a G-string than an evening gown.

“How To Make Love Like a Porn Star:  A Cautionary Tale” written with Neil Strauss is more self-absorbed than Bill Clinton’s tome although Jameson says, “Clinton had more sex.”

That depends, of course, on what you mean by sex, undeniably the thrust of Jameson’s oeuvre. The book teems with bare-breasted photos, comic book panels, handwritten diary entries and graphic detail.

“I’ve had ... women tell me I’m their idol,” Jameson, 30, said in a recent interview. “They want to be like me. They’re seeing the glamour icon but don’t realize ... there are more facets to me besides spreading my legs.”

An anatomy-is-destiny tale
But having great legs doesn’t hurt in this anatomy-is-destiny tale. Born in Las Vegas to a cop turned criminal father and showgirl mother who died when she was 2, Jameson entered the X-rated world at age 17.

Wanting to be a stripper at Vegas’ Crazy Horse Too, the voluptuous blond was told to come back after getting rid of her braces. That night, Jameson says, she yanked the metal off her teeth with pliers and wire-cutters and never looked back.

Changing her name to Jameson (after the whiskey), the teen grinded her way up from stripper to X-rated photo model, eventually becoming a porn performer. The book chronicles a litany of sordid escapades, including a gang rape and Jameson’s eating disorders, drug addictions and numerous lesbian and three-way affairs, both on and off camera.

As a cinematic porn goddess, Jameson says she only worked five times a year, usually with the same partner. “I was lucky to not have caught any sexual diseases, even though I worked without condoms for two years.”

Today Jameson says she is monogamous and happily married to Jay Grdina and only has sex — both on-screen and off — with her husband, an adult-film studio owner and business entrepreneur. The couple started a film production, marketing and web hosting company. So with Jameson a millionaire who no longer needs to bare her body for bucks, one wonders why she persists.

She loves her work“I love what I do for a living,” exclaims Jameson, dragging on a Marlboro Light, the only vice she claims to still have.

“I’m also trying to change the way the industry is run, which is mostly headed by men who don’t take women seriously as business people. To change things for girls going into the industry, I have to continue. I want to continue.”

Like many actresses, Jameson worries about losing her beauty. “Our looks pay our bills. I get Botox and love it. I’m very expressive and I’m trying to keep lines from appearing. I did have a chin implant and I’m having breast-reduction surgery,” she said.

Downsizing her jumbo implants to a C cup seems right, Jameson says, because to remove them completely “would leave too much extra skin.” She adds, “I’ll get a full reduction after I have children.” Jameson’s maternal instinct looms large, as she and Grdina try to conceive a child.

In the interim, they continue cranking out hard-core films, with a Hollywood deal in the works for her autobiography.  “I initially wanted Kate Hudson to play me,” says Jameson, “but she’s not as endowed as I am. My fans have mentioned Pamela Anderson, Jaime Pressly and even Meryl Streep.”

Absurd as that sounds, it’s no more farcical than living in a world where a porn star achieves the American dream.  “I don’t know if I can spit out another book. Maybe it’ll be a coffee table book of photos or maybe I’ll focus on something more family-oriented. If I do have a daughter,” she says with resolve, “there’s no way in hell I would allow her to be a porn star and go through the things I went through.”