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Jenna Bush Hager subs for KLG, sips margaritas with Hoda

Funday Monday got a special guest co-host this morning while Kathie Lee is out in California: Jenna Bush Hager hopped into her seat, and got into the Fourth Hour spirit with a margarita.

She kept her cell phone front and center throughout the show, noting that her mom was watching from home and had been sending her tips, such as: "Just breathe, take deep breaths, and go into zen mode like Dad did before the debates." Jenna took a deep breath and tested out a yoga pose before diving into the day's topics.

First up, they traded photos from the weekend - Jenna showed off pics from her best friend's wedding where she and hubby Henry Hager tested out their dance moves, while Hoda revealed she'd gone back to her old TV station and photobombed the newscast.

Then they moved on to Halloween, and Jenna shared pics of adorable baby Mila — looking miserable in a little lion costume. 

"She freaked out," Jenna explained. "It was in her mouth, the synthetic fur was all over my couch, it was in her nose."

The lion costume has since been returned, but Mila's not giving up on Halloween yet: "We have a couple of other things coming in the mail," Jenna said.

As for how motherhood's been so far, Jenna gushed about the last six months. "It's the best thing in the entire world," she said. "How could you not love those cheeks?"

And come Halloween, her neighbors may get a surprise when they answer the door — she said her dad, President George W. Bush, will be making the candy collecting rounds.

"He's coming trick or treating with you?" Hoda asked.

Jenna smiled and shrugged: "Why not, right?"