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See Jenna's parents, kids and friends bring her to tears with sweet birthday messages

Jenna Bush Hager turned 39, and to celebrate, her family members and closest pals recalled their most cherished memories with her.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager is entering the last year of her thirties!

The TODAY with Hoda & Jenna co-host turned 39 Wednesday, and to celebrate the occasion, several of the most important people in her life shared warm messages on the show.

Fellow co-host Hoda Kotb introduced the segment, which featured Jenna's family and childhood friends wishing her well and recalling favorite memories from over the years. Jenna's parents, George W. Bush and Laura Bush, kicked off the occasion.

Jenna was delighted seeing a message from her parents, former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush.TODAY

"Jenna, your dad and I are here together to wish you a very happy birthday," Laura Bush said. "We miss you, and we wish we could be with you on your birthday this year, Jenna."

The former president added: "Happy birthday, girl. We're very proud of you, and we love you."

Jenna's husband, Henry, and their kids, Mila, 7, Poppy, 5, and Hal, 1, also had some loving words to share.

"It’s your special day!" Mila exclaimed.

"We love working with you in quarantine," Henry said.

"I love you, Mama. So much," Poppy gushed.

Jenna's twin sister, Barbara, jumped in with a message of her own: "Happy birthday, sissy. There is no one in the world that I would rather share a birthday with."

Barbara went on to talk about Jenna as a "very hilarious" child and how special it was to grow up with her as her twin.

"Jenna concocted these wild worlds that our Barbies lived in," she said. "As a teenager, we shared a car, shared friends. ... The thing that I love most about Jenna is how much joy she brings to the world. ... I hope that this is your happiest year yet!"

"The thing that I love most about Jenna is how much joy she brings to the world," Jenna's twin sister, Barbara, shared.TODAY

Several of Jenna's closest friends and extended family members also recorded videos for Jenna, sharing their memories and anecdotes. Her cousin Wendy quipped that she "was the life of the party then and she still is now" and that she "loved playing Barbies, but more than Barbie, she loved Ken."

Jenna's best friend, Ferrell, recounted breaking childhood rules together: "I just remember thinking, I want to be her friend. ... We snuck out and had a lot of fun."

Her aunt Dorothy called Jenna "spunky, a little dramatic and a little clumsy, but wonderful" and said she's "very loyal to her big, enormous family."

Cousin Sam shared another standout memory, "sneaking down to the White House kitchen late at night to make our own pizza."

TODAY Food contributor Siri Daly recalled meeting Jenna for the first time on Halloween at TODAY. "I just remember thinking this girl is fun," she said.

Jenna's childhood friend Mia complimented her compassion and sensitivity. "You really, really know how to listen deeply," she said.

Lastly, Jenna's family at TODAY sent their birthday wishes, too.

"Oh, my God, Jenna, every year on the planet Earth that you exist means my life just got that much better," Hoda gushed. "I want to spend many birthdays with you."

TODAY co-anchor and perennial sharer of Jenna's clothes, Savannah Guthrie, sent a clip taped from her pal's dressing room.

"Oh, hi, Jenna! I’m just here in your office picking out something for me to wear today. Anyway, happy birthday. I love you very much!" she said, blowing Jenna a kiss.

The well wishes couldn't end, though, without an adorable glimpse of Jenna's family at home.

"Happy birthday!" Henry and the kids exclaimed.

"Love you!" Laura Bush added.