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Jenna Bush Hager recalls sister piercing her ear when her parents weren't watching

Barbara used a little ingenuity to give Jenna an ear piercing without the president and first lady knowing about it.
/ Source: TODAY

One of Jenna Bush Hager's ear piercings was done with such stealth that not even the Secret Service probably knew about it.

Jenna shared on the fourth hour of TODAY Monday how her twin sister, Barbara, went MacGyver when they were young and gave her a homemade ear piercing that her parents, former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, had no idea about.

"My sister pierced one of these with a safety pin and an apple when my parents weren't watching," Jenna told Hoda Kotb. "She iced it to numb it and then (had) an apple behind it and was like (yanking it through)."

That one was on her right ear, joining an illicit one on her left ear.

"I got one pierced at Camp Longhorn, which I think was illegal," she said.

Barbara apparently was really into piercings at the time.

"And once she tried to pierce her own belly button," Jenna said. "Sorry, Barbara. She was just stabbing (at it). I remember she was listening to a Led Zeppelin album and my dad was like, 'What are you doing?'"

Jenna also recalled getting one of her ears pierced with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, whom Jenna joked has "a thousand" ear piercings. She also got one on a fun night out with another NBC colleague, Natalie Morales, which Hoda joked must've been because it was a "drunky monkey" situation.

"Just because I was with Natalie does not mean it was drunky," Jenna said before smiling. "We were in Key West — that means it was drunky."

Hoda recalled the days of people going to the mall to get their ears pierced at places like Claire's and even Spencer Gifts.

"It was like a gun, and it was like they go 'pop!' and it would just go right through," she said.

Hoda and Jenna were reacting to a Wall Street Journal story that asked if getting multiple ear piercings means a person is going through a midlife crisis as more Generation Xers and older millennials keep adding piercings.

"It's kind of radical, and it's not such a big deal to do it," Hoda said.

"And it's not permanent," Jenna said. "You don't have to wear all these earrings."

After all, all it takes is a safety pin and an apple.