Jenna Bush Hager and Natalie Morales hang out in Rio — off a cliff

/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager and Natalie Morales have a taste for adventure. Together they've braved thrill rides, Ouija board frights and even a haunted penitentiary.

But while they're in Rio for the Olympic Games, they've decided to just hang out together — off a cliff!

Their latest escapade started with a confession from Jenna: "I actually don't like to do these adventure things with you. Just so you know."

Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager go cliffhanging in Rio, August 16, 2016Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Of course Natalie knew better, and she pushed her pal onward toward a remote destination that would allow them to be real daredevils.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

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Still, Jenna had her doubts, adding, "Every time I do something with you, it's some sort of torture."

But does this look like torture?

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Or this?

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Well, looks can be deceiving — especially at Rio's famed Pedra do Telégrafo.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

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The cliff, which has a very convenient area of smooth rock just feet below, is a tourist favorite for snapping frightening-looking photos without any real risk.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

The fun for these two, however, was completely authentic.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

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