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Jenelle's jailbird boyfriend Kieffer returns (sort of) on 'Teen Mom 2'

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Jenelle's ex Kieffer comes back into her life on Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2."

Before we begin, let's take a moment to congratulate (cough) "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans, who is pregnant with her second child. Maybe she'll actually have legal custody of this kid!

Now she's married with a baby on the way, but on this week's "Teen Mom 2" episode, Jenelle spends two days with her jailbird ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, who's in between prison stints in Maryland and South Carolina.

Unfortunately, we didn't see the happy reunion with America's Most Unwanted. Maybe because Kieffah had a warrant out for his arrest? Did the star-crossed lovebirds (gasp) hide from MTV? Jenelle's eleventeenth arrest would've made for great dramz, but perhaps the producers learned from original "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood that the show can be dull when 25 percent of its cast is behind bars.

Maybe the film crew was on vacation, because they also dropped the ball on Jenelle's car accident -- the unexplained reason she is accessorizing with that adorbs fuchsia cast.

Instead, the biggest dramz came from the Hoody Showdown between Jenelle and her friend Amber (not Portwood), who -- forced to choose between Jenelle and her boyfriend on probation -- moved out. Shockingly for a confrontation involving Jenelle, the girls exchanged the wardrobe staple without coming to blows.

While Jenelle stayed put in her latest digs, all the other Teen Moms were on the move. Kailyn found a special helper in ... Javi! He's her husband now, but this is his first appearance on "TM2." After enjoying a group bowling date, Kailyn put him to work transporting her possessions to a huge new house.

It's so big, in fact, her friend noted, "You can have a fish fry right up in here!" Enough said.

Chelsea, after (not before) getting a replacement for the unleashed puppy her neighbor's dog killed, begged her daddy for a new house. Of course, the uneducated, unemployed 20-year-old needed Randy the Enabler to co-sign her lease. For once, he refused until she gets her GED and a job. Ha ha ha, just kidding! Actually, the doting dentist did insist on one condition: Baby daddy Adam cannot live there.

"I'm 20 years old -- I don't need you to make rules!" whined Princess Chelsea. "Then you don't need me to support you," retorted Randy. Kidding again! Of course he'll fund her lifestyle, as long as Chelsea doesn't try to live out her "real family" fantasy: Mommy, daddy and baby living in a house with two (on average) dogs and a freeloading cheat playing video games on the sofa.

Of course, Chelsea got her house with a fenced-in yard where her dogs can do their business without fear of being mauled by a husky. The only thing that can complete this fairy-tale is if Chelsea's knight in shining armor rides his motorcycle back into her life. (Spoiler alert!)

Like Chelsea and Kailyn, Leah moved to a bigger house, and like Jenelle she's gained a new roommate: new boyfriend (and real-time husband) Jeremy! Also like Jenelle, Leah dropped out of school, but at least caring for her twin daughters -- one of them with special needs -- is a better excuse than Jenelle's "packing" and "unpacking."

After celebrating her big move with fancy cheese sticks, Leah hosted a birthday party for her 2-year-old girls -- attended by both her and Jeremy's extended families.  It's a good thing they all get along, because in next week's episode, Jeremy proposes!

Did you miss Kieffer? What's more appetizing: cheese sticks or a fish fry? Share your honest opinion on our Facebook page.

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