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Jenelle Evans turns to drugs again on 'Teen Mom 2'

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It was déjà vu all over again for "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans, who resumed her heavy partying with baddie boyfriend Kieffer Delp on this week's utterly bleak episode.

For a hot minute, things seemed OK, despite the Kieffer's return. Too broke to buy marijuana, Jenelle quit for two whole weeks. She also passed a mandatory drug test, leading to the dismissal of her domestic violence and drug charges. Her ex, Gary Head, also escaped jail by taking a plea, but the no-contact order remained in place.

Too bad the no-contact order between Kieffer and Jenelle was lifted long ago, because old habits -- substance abuse and homelessness -- die hard for this happy couple.

Shockingly, entrepreneur Kieffer's new "tobacco" pipe business isn't flourishing (maybe he spends too time using his products instead of making them?), and their landlord serves them with an eviction notice.

"We don't even owe that much to get evicted," K.Delp protests. "Has there been other problems?" (Just Jenelle's arrest and their blatant drug use!)

Jenelle's financial woes spark her mom, Barbara, to take up her familiar refrain -- and the women get into yet another profanity-fueled screaming match in front of 3-year-old Jace. Babs warns her daughter that she'll never get custody back, and Jenelle and Kieffer counter with some scathing retorts.

Kieffer follows up his baffling "Being a felon ain't illegal!" by blasting Barbara's job.

"You're 60 years old and work at a deli," jibes Jenelle's unemployed beau, while Jenelle adds, "You're a deli person that's going to work at Wal-Mart the rest of your life."

Barbara will probably be caring for Jace for the rest of her life too, because Jenelle is doing nothing to prove that she's a fit mother.

Kieffer, meanwhile, is proving his fiscal sensibility: With 70 bucks to Jenelle's name, his advice is to blow the wad on dope ("you get a discount if you get more"), but Jenelle just becomes even more depressed.

"It's been way worse," Kieffer reasons. "We could be in the front seat of the Accord with nowhere to go." (Isn't that where they're headed?)

Also: "There's food in the refrigerator and the dog's alive."

When Jenelle still isn't comforted, he offers to "scoop up some pain pills" or "something to get you high."

(That "something" sends Jenelle's to the ER in the next episode, with Babs sobbing that her daughter might die from using "hard-core drugs.")

Meanwhile, with the other Teen Moms...

Chelsea's got problems too: She hates getting up early, and her baby daddy can't spell his own daughter's name. (He celebrates Aubree's birthday at a motel with a cake reading "Happy birthday, Audree." His gift? A miniature motorcycle. With an engine.)

Leah and baby daddy Corey's celebration of daughter Ali's first steps is sadly short-lived, because a neuromuscular specialist is very concerned about her muscle development. He orders a nerve conduction test and a muscle biopsy, which means the 3-year-old will once again have to undergo general anesthesia -- and the family still may never have an accurate diagnosis of the girl's disorder.

Unlike Leah and Corey, Kailyn and Jo continue to struggle with co-parenting. They finally attend their court-ordered family therapy session, but she decides to wait until afterward to tell Jo about Javi's new Air Force career. Predictably -- since Jo said during the session that he "would never accept (her) moving away" -- he warns her to expect a legal battle if she tries to relocate with their son.

Next week, Kailyn and Javi get married, her husband leaves for boot camp, and the party's over for Jenelle.