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'The Big Lebowski' meets 'Sex and the City' for Super Bowl ad to remember

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges bring their most famous characters back for a fun Super Bowl ad and a good cause.
/ Source: TODAY

What could possibly bring Jeff Bridges' character from "The Big Lebowski" face-to-face with Sarah Jessica Parker's fashionista from "Sex and the City"?

A new commercial created for Super Bowl Sunday has the answer — booze and a good cause.

On Monday, TODAY gave viewers a first look at the new day ad from beer brand Stella Artois, in which The Dude says goodbye to White Russians as Carrie Bradshaw says so long to cosmopolitans.

Of course, the iconic characters didn't simply ditch their signature drinks on a whim. The campaign behind the commercial is a partnership between the beer maker and the charity, as part of the a #PourItForward campaign to bring clean water to those in the developing world.

It's a cause also championed by fellow star and the co-founder, Matt Damon.

"Our partnership with Stella Artois has enabled us to help millions," Damon said press release. "By bringing the global water crisis to a stage as big as the Super Bowl — and with a little support from friends like Jeff Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker — we hope to reach even more."

The ad opens with Bradshaw, who's decked out in a glittering cocktail dress, taking a seat in a restaurant and refusing her usual order, which sends shockwaves through venue.

It's a similar scene when The Dude arrives, though he's wearing his requisite Westerley cardigan and shades. Still, it's chaos when he declines his usual drink of choice.

They both order Stella Artois and end up at adjacent tables.

"Good choice," Bradshaw says.

"Well, changing can do a little good," Lebowski smiles back.

Then, rather than marking the moment with "cheers," he adds the classic line, "The Dude abides."

And so does Bridges.

"At his core, El Duderino would want to do the right thing. Especially when it’s as easy as ordering a Stella,” the actor said. "What better time to bring him back than to help change the lives of people living without access to water, simply by switching up your order. Together with Stella, we can help make a big impact ... and that’s something The Dude would abide, man."