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Jealousy in the mix for 'Sister Wives'

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy That’s love for each and every woman, as Brown insists he doesn’t have a favorite. So what about jealousy between the women vying for an equal share of the husband’s attention and affection? The multiple wives admit to feeling it from time to time, but they don’t blame their man. After all, jealousy is just one person’s problem as far as they’re concerned. “I think women — all of us — every woman, regardless of who you are, needs to feel confident,” third wife Christine explained. “That’s really how you handle everything.” Well, that and a calendar. Kody and his wives maintain a schedule to help keep everything fair. But the most unusual aspect of the Brown family may not be their lifestyle as much as it is their candor in sharing it with the world — something not often done in polygamist circles, largely because it is illegal. “There’s a lot of bad media about polygamy and this way of life,” newest addition Robyn explained. “We’re hoping to dispel some of that and say that’s not us and that’s not our family. The family, which includes 13 children, open up their lives to the world in the seven-part series that begins Sunday night on TLC. Related story:'Sister Wives' defy criticism to open up on TVMore video:'Sister Wives,' husband discuss jealousy