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Jay Leno reveals Bryan Cranston's classic Preparation H ad

NBC / Today
Bryan Cranston promotes Preparation H.

Few successful actors start their careers with the perfect part and critical acclaim. No, that typically comes after a lot of hard work and odd boob-tube jobs -- which "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston knows all too well.

During a Monday night visit to "The Tonight Show," the Emmy-winning actor first claimed he took pride in every role he's ever had. But Jay Leno soon put that to the test.

"That's the nice thing about this town," Leno began. "You have friends that get jealous, so they call people like me and they say, 'I found something Bryan did a while ago.' "

Cut to footage of Cranston from the '80s as he praises the "oxygen action" of hemorrhoidal treatment Preparation H.

Joking and odd jobs aside, Cranston admitted there's one role that no other compares to -- his part as terminally-ill-teacher-turned-dark-meth-mogul Walter White.

"It is the role of my life," he said. "Walter White -- I will never have a greater role than that."

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