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Jay Leno: It's time 'for a female host in one of these late night positions'

Late night, he noted, is all about "white guys" and should have more diversity.
/ Source: TODAY

Jay Leno isn't the first person to notice it, but even he seems to be getting a little tired with the dominance of one sort of person in late night hosting slots.

As he noted during his TODAY visit Wednesday to discuss his new CNBC show "Jay Leno's Garage," the big shift of the old guard (David Letterman and himself) out of late night opened up several berths, all of which were filled by people much like themselves (Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert).

"It's the movement of the white guys," he said. "It's a white guy migration as more white guys come in."

He noted that having an African-American in one of the slots (like "The Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore) would open things up "to get a different perspective." Then he added, "It's time probably for a female host in one of these late night positions. It think it'd be interesting to do, and there's certainly plenty of them out there that are qualified."

Here's hoping, though it may be a while before another space opens up.

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