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Jason Statham: 'I came very close to drowning' on 'Expendables 3' set

Not all of the action from "The Expendables 3" set made it to the big screen. In fact, the moment star Jason Statham considers the most harrowing wasn't even part of the script.

It all started when a stunt went wrong and sent the actor sailing right off a cliff and into the Black Sea.

"I went over the edge," he recalled during a Friday morning visit to TODAY. "The brakes failed."

Those would be the brakes on the 3-ton truck he was driving.

"The good thing is I lived," he added. "It's the closest I've ever been to drowning. I've done a lot of scuba diving; I've done a lot of free diving. ... No matter how much of that you've done, it doesn't teach you to breathe under water. ... I came very close to drowning. It was a very harrowing experience."

The star also joked that the accident might not have been an accident at all.

"I have my suspicions," he told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford with a grin. "I think I'd been complaining too much on set, and Sly (Stallone) might have tampered with the brake calipers. I don't know."

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