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Jason Patric: 'I was never a sperm donor.... I want to see my son'

Actor Jason Patric says that when his former girlfriend and the mother of his son tries to portray him as a disinterested parent, she's lying.

The actor and his attorney Fred Silberberg sat down with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday to share his side of the custody battle story between him and his ex Danielle Schreiber, who conceived their son via sperm donation while the pair were dating. He defended himself against accusations she made on TODAY Monday and in the courts over his alleged Johnny-come-lately attitude toward fatherhood.

"The way the story has played out is because it's a nice soundbite, about 'sperm donor,'" said Patric, who said he was an active father from the start of the baby's life. "I was never a 'sperm donor,'" he added, explaining that while the pair had undergone fertility treatments that involved him donating his sperm, he signed an "intended parent" form with his and Schreibers' names on it.

Schreiber had provided TODAY a letter Patric wrote in which he suggested they keep the baby a secret, but he explained that as well: "I said, 'Let's keep this amongst ourselves,'" he said, and noted that they'd tried for "at least" three years for a successful pregnancy, and she endured a "very bad miscarriage." "After all that process ... it was confusion. But it was more about the idea of I don't know if I could be in what would be considered the 'conventional family.'"

An early court ruling has barred Patric from seeing Gus; he said it's been 21 weeks since he's seen the boy.

Guthrie referred to the discussion she had with Schreiber, who claimed she had never tried to bar Patric from having a relationship with Gus, and Patric took his chance to address her directly through the camera. "Danielle, if you're out there listening right now, wherever you are -- because I don't know where my son is in this world -- call me and wherever you are, I will be there tomorrow. So if you were truthful about that, let me know. Because I want to see my son. That's all I've been trying to do."