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Jason Mraz keeps his grandma close to his heart … and to his ear

Jason Mraz hit the TODAY plaza Friday and performed a few of his of his classic, peppy hits and some new tunes from his album "Yes!" But it wasn't just the music that moved the audience.

In between sets, Mraz revealed that he keeps his grandmother close to his heart … and even closer to his ear. The singer-songwriter has a photo of the beloved woman glued to the small earpiece he wears onstage.

"I hope she's watching," said Mraz.

Cue a major round of "awwww!" from the crowd. 

It's a heartwarming gesture from someone who just seems like a generally optimistic guy. When asked about the meaning behind his new album's title, he said, "'Cause if you don't say 'yes' to ... your dreams, they're never going to come true. 'Yes' is the key that opens the gate to possibility."

Yes, then!

Be sure not to miss any of Mraz's TODAY performances or his in-studio interview (in which he discusses being an avocado farmer and just what special room he has for all of his awards).

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