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New Super Bowl ad reveals Jason Momoa isn't as buff as we all thought

The actor is just a wee bit different at home than he is out in the real world.
/ Source: TODAY

Can you imagine a world where Jason Momoa is not a chiseled specimen?

Rocket Mortgage can.

The Quicken Loans brand put out a Super Bowl commercial in which we discover the “Aquaman” star is actually a weakling.

The ad begins with the actor dodging paparazzi as he pulls up to his house in his car.

“What does home mean to me?” he asks. “It’s my sanctuary,” he adds as he walks inside.

“It’s the one place where I can let my guard down,” he says as he starts to take off his shoes. “It’s where I can just kick back and be totally comfortable in my own skin,” he casually says as he removes his hulking arms to reveal skinny ones.

Things really go off the rails from there when Momoa, 40, removes his toned stomach and chest, letting us see his “real” scrawny physique.

We apologize, this video has expired.

He plops down on a couch and takes off his wig to show he is bald on top.

The commercial ends with the hulking actor struggling to lift a light weight while wife Lisa Bonet encourages him.

“Take it!” he begs her, presumably too weak to hold on any longer, while also proving that this action icon also has a flair for comedy.