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Jason Alexander signs on for ‘Chris’

‘Seinfeld's’ George will play a school principal on the CW hit sitcom.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Jason Alexander plans to drop in on “Everybody Hates Chris” next season.

Alexander (“Seinfeld,” “Listen Up”) is set to play the principal of Corleone Junior High on two episodes of the sitcom and will direct a third, series producer CBS Paramount Network Television said Thursday. Air dates have yet to be announced.

Chris Rock’s UPN sitcom, based on the comedian’s childhood in Brooklyn, survived the merger of that network with WB. It is now on new network CW’s debut schedule and is set for an Oct. 1 premiere.

CW is a joint venture between CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

In one episode, Alexander, as Principal Edwards, makes Chris (Tyler Williams) confront a bully. In another, the principal and Chris bond while they wait out a snowstorm at school.

Whoopi Goldberg was previously announced as a guest star for the comedy’s second season, playing a new next-door neighbor for Chris’ family.