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By Ree Hines

Not-so-surefooted actress Jennifer Lawrence took her second annual Oscar stumble on Sunday when a traffic cone tripped her up on the red carpet. But now a fellow Academy Awards attendee, supporting actor winner Jared Leto, has cast doubt on whether or not Lawrence's fumble-footed ways are on the up and up.

“You know, I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act,” the "Dallas Buyers Club" star told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush.

Surely he can't be serious. After all, anyone who watched Lawrence's pre-acceptance speech dive the previous year has to be convinced that the two-left-feet routine just comes naturally to her.

"You don't know if him saying that is actually an act," pop-culture correspondent Josh Zepps mused during a Friday morning visit to TODAY. "And the act is just trying to brew up a feud between two Hollywood stars who probably quite like each other."

Regardless, as far as Zepps is concerned, Lawrence is unimpugnable.

"If anyone is authentic, it's got to be Jennifer Lawrence, right?" he said. "She just seems so unpretentious. And I'm not sure you should be taking advice about authenticity from a guy who — I don't know — has a litter of Yorkshire terriers sitting on his head. ... (Leto's) beautiful, but c'mon."

Now those are feuding words! But as for talk of a feud between Leto and Lawrence, there's really nothing to it.

"We talked to our buddy Billy Bush this morning, and he said Jared was totally kidding when he said it," TODAY's Willie Geist said, clearing up the confusion.