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January Jones: 'It's not the public's business' who my son's father is

January Jones.

And the father of January Jones' 20-month-old is ... I'm Not Telling. "That's my son's business," the actress, who plays the former Betty Draper on "Mad Men," told the New York Times on Sunday. "It's not the public's business."

Betty -- and Jones -- often divide fans. And in the Times, the actress does not come across as an easy interview. But that doesn't mean she didn't have some items of interest to share. As she told writer Ruth La Ferla, "Jack Nicholson once told me, 'You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They'll never believe in your character.'"

Speaking of that character, Jones has been concerned about her perception as icy and self-involved. "That was the fear for me," she said. "That we'd be in the third season and you'd hate the character."

Jones doesn't -- she says she understands Betty's mindset. "She has a childlike emotional response to things," she said. "You have to treat that very, very tenderly."

But back to Jones: Whether she'll name his father or not, little Xander is growing up fast and is already talking. His first word? "Mama." Second? "Back." "'Cause I keep saying, 'Put it back,'" she said.

When asked about previous comments -- like how she ate her own placenta after giving birth, she noted matter-of-factly, "It was like taking a vitamin blended into a smoothie,” adding with some sarcasm, "I'm a mammal. I nursed. I did all kinds of weird stuff."