January Jones defends sharks in new PSA

January Jones

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By Randee Dawn

From "Shark Week" to "Sharknado," audiences have been trained to live in fear of those killers from the deep — sharks. The fact is, relatively few people are attacked by sharks on a yearly basis, while humans kill thousands of sharks daily.

That's a fact "Mad Men" star January Jones would like to emphasize in her new PSA for ocean conservation organization Oceana, in which she says we shouldn't be scared of sharks, we should be scared for sharks. 

"Healthy oceans need sharks," says Jones, who has been an ambassador for the organization's shark protection campaigns since 2009, and who even got in the water with sharks two years ago. "But great whites are in danger of extinction. Too many are being caught in fishing nets. ... You should be scared for great whites."

This is her third PSA for Oceana.

The organization has created a "Scared For Sharks" website to highlight the plight of sharks. Great whites are often banned from being caught directly, but the young sharks often are caught in nets.