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Janice Dickinson on Britney: ‘I’d slap her silly!’

The always outspoken Janice Dickinson unleashes her thoughts on Britney Spears, Britney's mom and Dr. Phil.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The always outspoken Janice Dickinson sat down with Access Hollywood's Tony Potts and unleashed her thoughts on Britney Spears, Spears' mom and Dr. Phil.

Dickinson feels in order to get to the root of Spears' problems, Lynne Spears should be held responsible.

"My opinion on Britney Spears, is Mrs. [Lynne] Spears should be jailed. Britney's mom is responsible for all this stuff going on."

As for how Dickinson would handle Spears?

"I'd slap her silly! I'd slap the living s**t out of her!" Dickinson told Potts.

After taking a moment to seriously consider the question, Dickinson told Potts, "I would beg Britney just to give it all up. I would say. 'You're rich enough! Give it up and try to focus on the two boys.' I seriously hope that Britney doesn't kill herself. I seriously hope that she doesn't damage herself."

But Spears and her mother were not the only ones Dickinson was taking on. As for her thoughts on Dr. Phil, the former model said, "I think Dr. Phil is pathetic. Pathetic sensationalism."

Dickinson has faced her own set of demons. Now in recovery, Dickinson has had multiple stints in rehab. She credits the Alcoholic Anonymous Twelve Step program with saving her life.

"I am an alcoholic and a chemically dependent person, said Dickinson. "I would just beg Britney to try to find a twelve-step program for her that works, because, like [with] myself, it can happen again and again until you finally find it. Thank God I found it."

Dickinson and all her antics can be seen Tuesdays on Oxygen on "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency."