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Janice Dickinson bashes Tyra Banks

Banks is featuring a transgender model on "America's Next Top Model," but Dickinson is upset that Banks won't admit that Janice did it first on her show, "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency."
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While Tyra Banks promotes the inclusion of the first transgender contestant on the upcoming season of “America’s Next Top Model,” former judge Janice Dickinson says she’s been there, done that. The self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” told New York magazine she broke that ground on her Oxygen show “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”

“I did it on my show first with Claudia (Charriez),” the 53-year-old said. “But you know what? There’s not going to be a moment where Tyra’s not going to knock me off, so I’m not bothered by her.”

Well, maybe she’s a little bothered. Seems Janice thinks her former “Top Model” boss owes her some gratitude.

“I (never got) a note or call (from Tyra) thanking me for helping to put her show on the map,” Janice complained. “Whatever. She’s not my favorite person.”

Gamers get a shot at Spencer and HeidiThose eager take a swing at attention-seeking duo Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will finally get their chance when Electronic Arts releases a new knockdown, drag-out game featuring “The Hills’” stars.

On Tuesday, MTV released a clip of “Facebreaker,” which shows the virtual couple battling it out in a boxing ring. Heidi got the better of her man in the teaser, but Spencer promises everyone will have a shot in the full game.

“You can definitely play as us, or you can play against us,” Spence told “You can even torture me.”

Talk about a selling point!

Nicolas Cage relives his worst film momentThe scene that made “Vampire’s Kiss” a cult classic still haunts Nicolas Cage today. Contact Music reports the actor shudders when he thinks back on his bug-chewing moment from the 1989 film.

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“To this day, people ask me about the cockroach — it was disgusting,” Nicolas confessed. “I have a fear of bugs and I had to disinfect my mouth with 100-proof vodka and just spit the bug out.”

But no amount of rinsing could rid the “National Treasure” star of the memories.

“It makes me sick thinking about it and, in the theater, it was the same reaction: ‘Oh no!’” he said. “I know the reason it is still in video stores is partly because of that.”

Dish on the flyNo matter how many hours of grueling rehearsal time she logs, Kim Kardashian wants her fans to know that “Dancing With the Stars” won’t rid her of her most ample asset. “I’m sure my butt is going to shrink,” Kim told In Touch. “But there’s so much of it, I’m not worried it’s going to go away.” … Since nearly every D-lister has their own fashion line nowadays, it was only a matter of time before actress-turned-party girl Tara Reid joined the coordinating club. According to Black Book magazine, Tara’s Mantra line includes beachwear and casual clothes color coded for best effect. “It’s about putting into the universe what you want in life: Red means love, pink is friendship, green is lucky, black is protection,” Tara said of her collection. For those expecting even more from their bikinis, Tara promises, “You’ll either get love or meet a new friend or you might meet a guy.”

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