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Janet Jackson has no marriage plans

But the star does talk about wanting a family with beau Jermaine Dupri
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Rumors have been swirling about Janet Jackson and her plans for family and future.

And as Access Hollywood's Tim Vincent found out, one of them is true and the other, well, don't call the caterer and florist just yet.

“So where did the rumors come from?” Tim asked Janet.

“You guys!” Janet sighed.

“No, it wasn't us,” Tim laughed.

But other news outlets did report that Janet would marry long time beau Jermaine Dupri — a rumor that Janet told us is completely false.

“They even had a specific date. The 25th or 26th of September,” Tim added.

“I think Jermaine started that,” Janet explained. “He was basically saying that the 26th was the release date of the album and making kind of a joke about it and said he was kidding. But I don't think you guys played the ‘I'm kidding’ part of it.”

So while there will be no wedding on Sept. 26, it is indeed the date her new disc, “20 Years Old,” will hit stores.

But there's another rumor the 40-year-old Miss Jackson says is true — she would love to start a family with Jermaine.

“Hopefully it will happen. But if it doesn't, then we'll just go to plan B,” she laughed. “I don't know what that is.”

“Could plan B be adoption?” Tim asked.

“It could be, but then it might be not having children at all. But I would love to adopt,” Janet revealed. “If I couldn't have children, sure. There are a lot of children that need homes.”

So Janet wants a baby, and if you believe the tabloids, so do Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez — all separately of course.

But who would you most like to see have a baby — Janet, Nicole, Halle or Jennifer?

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