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Jana Duggar talks about being 30 and single as the oldest daughter in family

The reality star opened up about being 30 and single when eight of her siblings have already gotten married and why she has relaxed her "strict" dating requirements.
/ Source: TODAY

The oldest daughter of the 19 Duggar children is sharing what it's like to be 30 and single in a family where eight of her siblings are already married.

Jana Duggar opened up on Tuesday's episode of the TLC series "Counting On" about being asked the same question repeatedly and how she's loosened her strict requirements for an ideal man over the years.

"I feel like these days, probably one of the most common questions is, ‘Am I in a relationship?''' she said on the show. "Sometimes it gets a little old. I'm like 'No, I'm not, no I don't have anyone.' And usually I'm just like 'OK, I'll just answer it and go on and that's it.' Sometimes it can get a little like, 'What, that's not the only thing in the world to talk about.'"

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It's not that she isn't open to the idea.

"I wouldn't mind it," she said. "There are those moments all the different couples are hanging out and I'm like, 'Oh yeah, I don't have anyone.'"

With so many of her siblings, who range in age from 10 to 32, getting married and having children, the reality star has found herself in some awkward situations.

"I feel like we do these whole groupings of the marrieds and the singles, and we forget that oh wait, we're all sisters, we're all brothers and sisters, and so keeping that focus it makes it more enjoyable, and it's not this whole awkward, 'I'm not one of ya'll,''' she said. "It's like, no, we're family."

Duggar shared how people are always trying to set her up because they "feel bad" for her. She also has come to question herself at times.

"Most of my siblings have gotten married really young," she tells a friend on the show. "Some people are like, 'Are you picky?' I'm like, 'I don't think so.'"

Her friend then interjects, "Or they're like, 'What's wrong with you? Why are you still single?'"

"Yes!" Duggar says. "And then I think wait...'Oh my, is there?'"

Duggar had previously expressed that she is looking for a man from her home state of Arkansas who is good with his hands, but says that she is now open to more possibilities.

"I used to be a little more strict," she said. "I felt like, I just want to find someone that either would move to Arkansas, or is already from here, but I think as time has gone on, I think it's more that I've found I do love to travel more than I thought I did.

"So now, it's more like, OK, if I really love the guy, I'll follow him to the ends of the earth. I'll want to go wherever he is. And so far I just haven't found that one, so when he comes, he doesn't have to stay in Arkansas, it's just I've gotta love you so much that I will go with you."

She has also tried to maintain a positive outlook that one day she will find love.

"Not everyone’s lives look the same, and so yes, I could be depressed," she said. "But I have to keep telling myself, 'No, this is what God has planned out,' and you know … if the right one had come along, I would have been married a long time ago. But I just don’t think that it’s been God’s timing yet, and I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of other things that maybe I wouldn’t have had I been married."