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Jamie Lynn ready to run away from Lynne

Jamie Lynn Spears and her mom Lynne are no longer sticking together during the teenager’s unplanned pregnancy, reports National Enquirer.
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Forget the parenting classes these two allegedly attended. Jamie Lynn Spears and her mom, Lynne, are no longer sticking together during the teenager’s unplanned pregnancy, reports National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, the “Zoey 101” star is leaving Lynne’s luxurious Kentwood, La., estate and hightailing it to her other parent’s pad.

“Jamie Lynn is moving to Los Angeles to live with her dad,” an insider told the Enquirer. “She wants to be settled in before the baby is born in March or early April — and she wants to be closer to film projects she’d like to start after giving birth.”

But Jamie Lynn’s plans to become a working mom aren’t the only reason Britney’s little sis decided to go west. Lynne’s decided that the teenager’s baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, is off limits.

“Jamie Lynn loves Casey and wants to marry him, but her mom is dead set against it,” an Enquirer source said. “Jamie Lynn knows that once she’s out from under her mom’s thumb in Kentwood, she and Casey will be together.”

Lynne also worries that once her little girl’s in Los Angeles, she’ll fall under another negative influence — Lynne’s older daughter Britney!  “Jamie Lynn knows Britney smoked and drank during her pregnancy — and because Britney’s boys turned out fine, Jamie Lynn thinks her baby will be fine too,” the source confided. To be continued...

Justin gets sexy backMost two-time two-timers find it impossible to get back in their gal pal’s good graces, but not so for Justin Timberlake. The pop crooner stands accused of fooling around behind Jessica Biel’s back twice in the month of January alone.

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First there was his rumored cuddle session with Kate Hudson, followed closely with a make-out mack on an unidentified brunette. But quick-thinking JT took the post-hookup apology transatlantic to smooth things over pronto, reports Star.

“When Jessica heard about it, she gave him hell,” an insider told the magazine. “I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that call. She asked him, ‘How can I ever trust you?’”

With Jessica filming in England, Justin had to come up with something better than phoning in some fancy footwork. “He hopped on a plane … he had no other choice if he wanted to hang on to her,” another source revealed to Star. “Justin knew he was in the doghouse.”

Still, it took more than a few frequent flyer miles to warm up relations between the two. “Their reunion wasn’t exactly passionate,” according to an on-set site manager. “You might have expected a bit of touching and kissing. But I didn’t see any.” And Lucy Smith, a costume worker on the film, told Star, “It looked like he had a bit of explaining to do!”

Those explanations must have materialized overnight, as J&J were caught necking in a Range Rover the following night. “The fact is she loves Justin,” another insider told Star. “All he has to do is kiss and hug her to make her feel special.”

Dish on the flyDespite reports to the contrary, Paris Hilton claims she still prefers the company of fellas. A TMZ paparazzo asked the heirhead about her much-publicized smoochfest with actress Elisha Cuthbert, only to hear Paris put the fantasy fodder to rest. “Elisha’s like my sister,” she insisted. “That’s not true. It’s a rumor.” … It’s not enough for Queen Latifah to sing the praises of Jenny Craig in commercials. According to In Touch, she’s also recruited her family and friends to join Jenny Craig, building a diet support system. “My sister is doing it, my father, my aunts, my hairstylist, my wardrobe stylist, my manager and his daughter,” Queen Latifah told the magazine.

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