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Jamie Lynn comes to Mama Lynne’s defense

Publishers put the kibosh on a child-rearing book by Lynne Spears, but her pregnant teenage daughter thinks Mom’s done a bang-up job. Jamie Lynn Spears “takes time to hit back at critics who question the way she was raised by her mother” in OK!

While Lynne’s older daughter, Britney, works out her personal issues in every public venue but the “Dr. Phil” show, Louisiana’s unofficial Mother of the Year is sharing her parental prowess. “Jamie Lynn and her mom will be raising this baby together,” a source close to the family told the magazine. “They’re in this together.”

In fact, the Mirror reports that Jamie Lynn, who “unlike her big sis, seems determined to be a good mom,” is attending parenting classes with her mentoring mom. With her second chance on the way, Lynne may be looking to bone up on her own maternal acumen — but what about the baby-daddy?!

He gets a pass on parenting class, but OK! reassures readers that Casey Aldridge is still in the picture. “Casey and Jamie Lynn are still together,” an insider said “And of course he’s the father!”

Brad fears the yearsWith his Dec. 18 birthday behind him, Brad Pitt’s ready to give up celebrating altogether. According to Star, the 44-year-old actor is well into a midlife crisis and troubled by his less-than-youthful looks.

A birthday greeting from Brad’s sister Julie was met with a grumpy, “Don’t remind me!”

A friend explained, “He doesn’t like to be reminded about getting older. He didn’t even want a birthday cake. He’s says, ‘It’s my job to look good.’”

And an insider told the magazine, “The obsession with his looks has gotten worse very recently. It’s hit him pretty hard that he’s not looking as young as he was.”

Apparently, Brad’s early reputation as a Tinseltown hottie makes those fine lines harder to handle. “When he first hit Hollywood, Brad’s natural good looks helped him immensely, but as he has gotten older, he is finding it more and more difficult to maintain them.”

So how does the two-time winner of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive turn back the clock? Brad’s not going for the traditional Hollywood health food and yoga approach. Instead he’s hitting the town with pals, enjoying a few drinks and sneaking “cigs behind (Angelina Jolie’s) back,” another Star source revealed.

While she doesn’t approve of the smokes, Jolie is willing to indulge one of Brad’s other youthful, bad-boy props. Angie presented him with a $100,000 custom-built motorcycle for his birthday. “He makes sure to ride every day,” the insider dished. “It makes him feel young. It’s the rebel in Brad. It’s hard for him to let go.”

Dish on the flyThe latest issue of the National Enquirer dubs green queen Julia Roberts an “eco-hypocrite.” The story alleges that while the “Pretty Woman” boasts about using “chlorine-free, nontoxic Seventh Generation diapers” and driving a Toyota Prius, she’s far less gabby about her fondness for fuel-burning, carbon dioxide-emitting chartered jets and SUVs. … Rapper-turned-sometimes-crooner Snoop Dogg can out-sing Sean “Diddy” Combs, even if he does say so himself, reports ContactMusic. “I think Puffy can just sing alto and tenor,” Snoop surmised. “But I can sing alto, tenor and soprano. I can sing any note.” … Sacha Baron Cohen’s part in “Sweeney Todd” is bigger than Tim Burton originally intended, reports Rush & Molloy. Padding his character with some extra stuffing added to his tights, Sacha startled the director when he and his mountainous manhood arrived on set. “I thought he was just happy to do a musical,” Tim said.

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