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Jamie Lee Curtis talks addiction recovery: 'Struggle is part of the human existence'

"My sobriety has been the key to freedom," she said while detailing how it has helped her unleash her confidence.
/ Source: TODAY

Jamie Lee Curtis wants people to know they are not alone.

The veteran actor, who recently celebrated 22 years of sobriety, said she has a message for people coping with addiction right now.

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“Struggle is part of the human existence,” she said Thursday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. “And what I can tell you is that if you feel that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol or addiction — or overeating or the myriad ways that you can harm yourself — there are support groups available. We are stronger together.

“It is usually a recovery program where people can relate to you and you can relate to them and that’s how healing begins because if we are only as sick as our secrets and you share your secrets, all the sudden you are liberated because you’re not walking around with the shame spiral and you can actually do something about it and there are millions of people around the world whole will help you.”

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis attends the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Feb. 28, 2021 in Beverly Hills, Calif.Todd Williamson / NBC

Curtis, 62, reiterated the idea that we are not alone.

“And that’s the most important message, which is there is help available. People care about people, even though we’ve been sort of indoctrinated that we’re at war with each other. We’re not,” she said. We’re in this together. I don’t care what side of the aisle, what political party you’re a part of. We are together and we are in this together and we’re only going to get through this together.”

The “True Lies” star also said her sobriety is essential to the confidence she exudes, while referencing how Hoda and Jenna were discussing things they can’t live without before her interview started.

“I’m sober 22 years and when you were going to talk about things you can’t live without, I can’t live without my sobriety,” she said. “My sobriety has been the key to freedom, the freedom to be me, to not be looking in the mirror in the reflection and trying to see somebody else. I look in the mirror. I see myself. I accept myself. And I move on because you know what? The world is filled with things we need to do.

“There are people we need to help. We need to focus our attention and our lives on the care and feeding of children, the health care of children, the education of children, as you’ve been talking about with your books. So, the truth is we have a lot to do and I just have no time to waste. And if that looks confident then bring it. I’ll take confidence any day.”