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Jamie Lee Curtis and son Thomas Guest don incredible costumes for 'Warcraft' premiere

It ain't easy being green. But Jamie Lee Curtis totally makes it work!

The actress and her son Thomas Guest (dad is Christopher Guest) strolled down the black carpet for the "Warcraft" movie premiere Monday night in Los Angeles. And while Curtis isn't in the film, the mother-son duo stole the show, dressing up as the video game-inspired film's orcs.

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This isn't the first role-playing roundup for Curtis. Last summer she dressed up as Vega from "Street Fighter" and attended the Evolution Championship Series, and her family also put on costumes.

And in 2015 she decided to attend BlizzCon in full mask (a brilliant strategy for a famous face).

"We're serious about our games," the actress told Entertainment Tonight at the premiere, adding that her son plays the video game the movie is based on ("World of Warcraft").

"The astonishing thing about being a parent is that your children bring things to you that you would never, ever, ever, ever know," she said. "And you hope that you bring a few things to them that are interesting."

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We're green with envy!

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