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Jamie Foxx spoofs 'Gravity's' Sandra Bullock in Instagram video

Don't have 91 minutes to watch one of the fall's biggest movies, "Gravity"? No worries: Jamie Foxx has summed up the entire lost-in-space tale in a matter of seconds with an Instagram video of himself.

Foxx posted the video on Tuesday, in which he holds a camera and spins around while speaking in a falsetto voice (a la the film's star, Sandra Bullock): "Oh, my God, gravity! ... Where's (co-star) George Clooney?"

World Exclusive Premiere. Earth just got heavier... #Gravity2

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It's hard to be sure what provoked Foxx into poking some lighthearted fun at the film and its stars, but there's no doubt that this is a pretty hilarious send-up, even for fans of the movie.

Foxx was happy to tweet about his spin on the space blockbuster, too.