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Jamie Foxx needs an Oscar date

He likes his women thick, long-legged and with a nice ‘derriere’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

When Jamie Foxx paid Access Hollywood a visit, he promptly added his John Hancock to our Wall of Fame.

But as our Nancy O’Dell found out during Jamie's visit to our set, a year after winning the Oscar for his work in “Ray,” Jamie still has one massive dilemma — he can't find a date for this year’s Academy Awards.

And then in the middle of Nancy’s interview with Jamie, the actor's phone rang.

“Who's calling you?” Nancy asked.

“I have no idea. Let's find out,” Jamie smiled. “Let me just answer and say ‘Hello.’”

But Nancy wasn't about to let Jamie answer his phone in the middle of the interview.

“You can't answer that one,” she laughed. “Let me answer it. Is that your Oscar date?”

“No it sure is not,” he said. “It's a homie of mine.”

“You know it's one of your girls,” Nancy joked. “I can see you turning red right now.”

“Nah,” Jamie laughed. “Well, I am part Cherokee.”

Nancy just couldn't resist teasing the Oscar winner and Grammy nominee who, much to our surprise, is very single.

“Who are you taking to the Oscars? I hear you don't have a date and I find that hard to believe,” Nancy said.

“I've been working, so it's tough and my daughter is over it,” he explained. “Unless you wanna… you know…”

“You think my husband would mind?” Nancy smiled.

“Bring your husband too. We'll all share two seats,” he answered. “Now look who's turning red! You must be part Cherokee too.”

Okay, now that both stars have blushed, it was time to get down to more practical matters — just who is Jamie's dream date? Ladies, listen up and take notes.

“Don't be ashamed if you're a little thick. I like the thickness too,” he grinned.

“You like girls with some meat on them?” Nancy followed up.

“Yes. Just a little girth. Something to keep me warm in the winter,” he said.

So let's breakdown the criteria for Jamie's dream girl.

Long legs?

“I like legs, and how do I say this… um, dumps,” Jamie smiled. “Yeah, dumps.”

“What's a dump?” Nancy asked.

“Dumps is like the posterior…” Jamie started to explain.

“That's not a good word for the posterior,” Nancy laughed.

“Well, it's an urban thing. The homies know what's up. I would say ‘derriere’ for you, but we say dumps,” he continued.

“You want a good one, like a round one?” Nancy asked, unable to hold back a laugh.

“Yeah, athletic,” he admitted.

But for Jamie, it's not just about the physical attributes.

“I like a woman that has something, that they are doing something. That's attractive to me when a woman as a job,” he revealed. “Sometimes I run into girls at the club that have those little bags with 2-3 days worth of clothes in them and I'm like, ‘What are you doing?’ and they say ‘Oh, just in case.’ And I ask them where they work and they say ‘Oh, I'm in between jobs.’ But I want a woman who I can build with.”