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James Spader teases 'Blacklist' finale: You may think 'you know more than you do'

As the action-packed premiere season of "The Blacklist" comes to a close, fans of the crime drama can expect to learn new things about their favorite characters — but the information they gain won't be the only surprise.

That's because, as the man behind Raymond "Red" Reddington revealed during a sitdown with TODAY's Al Roker, you just never know what you really know.

When asked if the season sendoff will shed more light on the relationship between Red and rookie agent Elizabeth Keen, James Spader said, "Yes — with a qualification: You may also think you know more than you do."

"The Blacklist" gives, and "The Blacklist" takes away.

"There's a cost for everything," the actor said.

But for Spader, the show is purely a payoff, as he enjoys the story and his often dark character.

"I do," he smiled. "Not everything about him, but yes. He's much more easygoing than I am. I mean, he's really just fine with any set of circumstances. He's got a very strong compass."

As for whether or not that compass is a moral one, Spader prefers to keep that as murky as Red himself.

"I have found, in my life, whether it be in terms of storytelling I've been involved with or whether it's just my life, that morality is incredibly subjective," he said.

The storytelling on the show isn't exactly subjective, but it is subject to change at any moment, as Spader's co-star Ryan Eggold told Natalie Morales and Willie Geist Monday morning.

"We just ... added an entirely new scene on a Friday to air on a Monday," the man who plays Elizabeth's spying spouse revealed.

"It's a really reckless way of storytelling," leading lady Megan Boone added. "It's just this runaway train!"

See where the train stops Monday night when "The Blacklist" season finale airs 10 p.m. on NBC. 

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