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James Gandolfini echoes Tony Soprano in trailer for final film, 'The Drop'

The trailer for James Gandolfini's final film, "The Drop," was released online Tuesday, with scenes featuring the grizzled star acting like a slightly more laid-back, Brooklyn-based Tony Soprano.

The film, which also stars Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy, was written by "Mystic River" screenwriter/author Dennis Lehane. The story isn't entirely spelled out in the trailer, but revolves around the histories of past criminals Bob (Hardy) and his boss Marv (Gandolfini), who both work at a bar Marv once owned and which now serves as a money drop for local gangsters. There's a robbery that goes bad at the bar, and Marv and Bob end up at the center of suspicion.

Meanwhile, Nadia (Rapace) knows both men and may be related to Marv, but she largely remains a cipher in the trailer. That said she does have a totally adorable pit bull puppy that gets a lot of screen time for a pet.

Gandolfini's no Soprano in the film, but he does have lines that echo his character from the long-running HBO series "The Sopranos," including: "When I walked into a place, people sat up straight, they noticed. I was respected; I was feared. And that meant something."

British actor Hardy does a credible, if heavy, Brooklyn accent, and asks at one point, "Are you doing something that we can't clean up this time?"

"Drop" is Gandolfini's final appearance in a feature film. The "Sopranos" actor died in June 2013, in Rome at age 51. His penultimate film appearance, in "Enough Said," was released last October and earned him critical acclaim for playing a jovial everyman alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The R-rated "Drop" is set to appear in theaters on Sept. 19.