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James Franco shows Jimmy Fallon how to take a cool selfie

"Say 'cheese'!" It's something James Franco rarely seemed to do when taking selfies with fans after his recently ended "Of Mice and Men" performances on Broadway, and on Monday, he explained why.

During a visit to "The Tonight Show," he let host Jimmy Fallon in on his reasoning: According to Franco, it's because fans sometimes take crummy selfies. And to ensure that he always looks good, he dons a baseball cap, sunglasses and an expressionless look.

But a simple explanation of fans' failure to snap a good shot wasn't enough. The actor gave Fallon a lesson on bad selfie-taking. 

See the difference? Check out the results from the fans' methods versus the selfie expert's:



This isn't the first time the "selfie king," who stars in the upcoming "Good People" opposite Kate Hudson, has offered instructions on selfies. When TODAY's Savannah Guthrie told Franco in May that her selfies don't get nearly the attention his do, the actor suggested she show "a little skin with the pregnant belly. That'll get that up there."

As for why he loves to share selfies on his Instagram account? Franco explained to Savannah in October that he doesn't actually like to share them. 

"I just look at the number of 'likes,'" he explained. "Like, if I put out a book or something that I like, I get this number, and if I just put a stupid selfie it's, like, 10times (that)."

"The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on NBC. "Good People" opens in theaters in limited release on Sept. 26.

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