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Is James Franco the reason Lindsay’s in rehab?

Reportedly, Lohan offered the actor interest a pricey watch, which he refused, leaving Lindsay to wear it as a second watch — as a reminder of him.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Was James Franco the reason Lindsay Lohan checked into rehab?Most people know James Franco from his role in “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man 2 ,” but starting today, you’ll know this actor for a completely different reason. Lindsay’s assistant checked her into Wonderland Rehab Center at 2:30 PM Wednesday, just days after reportedly being ignored by Franco at a post-Golden Globe party. The two worked together in cameo parts in the Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet movie “Holiday” after meeting at the “Prairie Home Companion” premiere.Reportedly, Lohan offered her love interest a pricey watch, which he refused, leaving Lindsay to wear it as a second watch — as a reminder of him.When contacted, Lindsay’s people vehemently denied the story.Franco was one of several people who received an email from Lindsay when she entered Wonderland. Before “Spider-Man,” Franco wowed critics and women alike as a look-a-like James Dean.As for Lindsay and rehab, Lindsay may have already been an outpatient at Wonderland for a month. Since the center also treats “love addicts,” maybe they can help in that department.Ironically, Lindsay has been offered a six-figure deal to endorse Rehab energy drink. Hollywood meanwhile, continues to root for the 20-year-old. Lohan’s “Just My Luck” co-star Chris Pine told Access he has her in his thoughts.“It’s got to be a tough time for her and her family so I hope she is well.”Former “Idol” contender Katharine McPhee, herself a former victim of an eating disorder knows how tough rehabilitation is. “If you have those kinds of issues, I would get them figured out before, cause it’s only going to get worse,” she said.

As for Danny Bonaduce, former child star and ex-addict, he told Access he wasn’t surprised to see the actress getting help.“My reaction to Lindsay Lohan being in rehab is what took so long.”“Their success rate is approximately 8 percent,” he says of rehab, based on his experiences. “Do the math on that. Their failure rate is approximately 92 percent. So my chances for a 20 year old girl with access to everything is not good.”