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James Franco: "Maybe I'm Just Gay"

Hollywood is sorely missing more actors like James Franco.
/ Source: E!online

Hollywood is sorely missing more actors like James Franco.

You know we heart the quirky, unpredictable actor's actor, but in his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, we like the 127 Hours star even more.

Even though it's slightly more roundabout than candid, Franco addresses the rumor mill surrounding his sexuality, and he doesn't exactly shy away from the big gay elephant in the room.

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Explains James (sorta):

"It's funny because the way that kind of stuff is talked about on blogs is so black-and-white...'Is he straight or is he gay?' Or, 'This is your third gay movie--come out already!' And all based on, gay or straight, based on the idea that your object of affection decides your sexuality."

So, about those three gay characters Franco has played?

"There are lots of other reasons to be interested in gay characters than wanting myself to go out and have sex with guys," says J.F.

"So, in some ways it's coincidental, in other ways it's not," James says about his choices.

Is it not, now? This is a ballsy interview, we love it!

"I mean, I've played a gay man who's living in the '60s and '70s, a gay man who we depicted in the '50s, and one being in the '20s. And those were all periods when to be gay, at least being gay in public, was much more difficult."

Hmmm, much more difficult than say, actors now? Think of the loads of closeted Blind Vice stars terrified to come out. We think it's just as difficult.

"Part of what I'm interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition. Or, you know what, maybe I'm just gay."

Um, and there you have it?

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