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James Franco engages in 'shameless self-promotion' on TODAY

James Franco's latest project, the novel "Actors Anonymous" isn't about really, really busy actors in a recovery program — as the title might have you believe. As he told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie Monday, the book is about "how we interact with others, how we interact with life through performance and through the lens of a recovery book," he said.

Fans of the multi-talented Franco won't be suprised to know that "Anonymous" is not the only project on Franco's slate. He and Guthrie discussed his multiple advanced college degrees, his recent roasting on Comedy Central and his interest in taking frequent selfies

He also brought up a new film he's making with Seth Rogan, "The Interview." In it, he told Guthrie, "I actually play one of you" — that is, an interviewer. Then he turned the tables on her and asked a few questions. "How did you get into this?" he queried.

"I started a long time ago," she said, and quickly he had her talking about how walking in heels hurt her feet, and how she had to spend an hour in the makeup chair every day.

"I love interviewing people and I love asking the questions," grinned Franco. 

He also seems to love publicity, adding at the interview's end, "More shameless self-promotion — my favorite movie that I've done this year is 'Spring Breakers.' And they're doing an ... Oscar campaign for it. ... I wanted to put that out there for Harmony Korine, the director."

Clearly, there's enough spotlight to go around with Franco.

"Actors Anonymous" will be in bookstores on Oct. 15, but you can find an excerpt from "Actors Anonymous" here.