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/ Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

If you've got 12 minutes in your late night schedule, "The Late, Late Show" host James Corden can give you 22 musicals!

That's what he did Tuesday night, with a little help from "Mary Poppins Returns" co-stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the results were as joyous as they were totally exhausting.

"How are we feeling? Are we ready for this?" asked Corden as he welcomed them to join him against a blue screen background. Of course, Corden's an expert at rushed skits — who can forget the 8-minute race through Tom Hanks' and Matt Damon's careers, or the 10-minute musical riff-off with Neil Patrick Harris.

But his partners had mixed emotions.

"Born for this!" enthused Miranda.

"Not. At. All," said a terrified Blunt.

Beauty and her beasts! Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt and James Corden are right on time.The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

Still, maybe she kept in mind that she's appeared in movies with both men: Corden in 2014 with "Into the Woods," and of course Miranda with the brand-new "Poppins."

In any case, they dove right in, racing through musicals including "Cabaret," "Evita," "The Wizard of Oz," "Fame," "The Muppet Movie" (with a cameo from Kermit the frog!), "Dreamgirls," "Mamma Mia!" and "Les Miserables," to just name a few.

Fame! They're totally gonna live forever.The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

Plus, Corden and Blunt got to reprise their "It Takes Two" duet from "Woods," which made us love them all the more.

Along the way: hats, scarves, coats, feather boas and wigs flew as the trio whipped through costume changes to at least approximate their various characters.

Miranda, Blunt and Corden: Dancing kings and queen!The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

Definitely some of the most fun anyone could have in late night, all bundled into a far-too-short 12 minutes!