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Watch James Corden and Justin Bieber get a hilarious dance lesson from toddlers

These kids have all the moves!
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone knows Justin Bieber can dance. But does he have what it takes to keep up with the younger generation?

The singer became the latest celebrity to take part in James Corden’s Toddlerography segment on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show.”

The bit, which has previously featured the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, began with the stars loosening up in a dance studio.

“You’re really sweating. Class hasn’t even started yet,” Bieber told Corden.

“I’m just a little jittery, man. These instructors, they don’t mess around,” Corden replied.

“Can’t be that bad, right?” Bieber asked before Corden pointed out their teacher: a little girl who waves innocently at them from across the room.

James Corden and Justin Bieber do their best to keep up with their tiny instructor.
James Corden and Justin Bieber do their best to keep up with their tiny instructor.YouTube

The girl was one of several young children who led the duo through a routine they created, all set to Bieber's first big hit, “Baby.” And by “routine,” we mean the kids got down the way kids tend to boogie, with Bieber and Corden doing their best to mimic the spinning, jumping and running among the sweet moves they showed off.

Once they wrapped up, Bieber encouraged Corden to take some deep breaths before they blew some bubbles with one of the little girls who instructed them. An adorable end to an adorable segment.