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James Corden forms boy band for epic Hanukkah song

Hanukkah will never be the same!
/ Source: TODAY

Sure, Adam Sandler may have cornered the market with his classic "Hanukkah Song," but James Corden may have just created his own anthem for the Jewish holiday.

The “Late Late Show” host unveiled a boy band parody music video for a Hanukkah song on his program Thursday night that is as catchy as it is funny.

Corden is joined by Zach Braff, Charlie Puth, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Josh Peck to comprise the group Boyz II Menorah as they sing "A Week and a Day," a ballad of love centered around the eight days of Hanukkah.

The video opens with a woman looking glum while staring out her window before the camera pans to Corden, who appears inside her calendar. “Girl, it’s that special time of year, the Festival of Lights. But ain’t no light shine brighter than the one in your eyes,” he says before he’s joined in the video by his bandmates.

“I’ve got a week and a day of love for you this Hanukkah, girl. I’ve got a week and a day to show you how much I care. I’ve got a week and a day of presents for a girl that shines brighter than any menorah. When you light the candles, I wanna be there,” they sing before belting out an homage to each candle on the menorah that has to be lit that features images of gifts for each night of the holiday, including a menorah snow globe, a bottle of Manischewitz wine, socks that say “spin the dreidel” and a bagel with cream cheese.

The clip has all the hallmarks of every good boy band song and video. Corden and company all wear white a good chunk of the time, they come off as brooding yet sensitive while pledging their love for the woman and curtains in the background blow seemingly for no reason while they sing on a set decorated with a giant Hanukkah menorah, dreidel and bag of gelt.

The song also has some fun playing with the Hebrew language.

“Girl, baruch atah I don’t know how you do it,” Braff says.

“Eloheinu melech ha-oh love to be with you,” Mintz-Plasse says.

The video also features the band putting a woman in the chair and lifting her up, a tradition at Jewish celebrations. Eventually, the clip ends with the woman waking up disappointed to see an unlit menorah only to then catch a glimpse of her calendar, with a picture of the boy band on it.

Heads up, Adam Sandler — it looks like you may have some competition.