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Jaleel White is bringing Steve Urkel back! Here are the details

And he's bringing back one of Urkel's catchphrases, too.
/ Source: TODAY

Steve Urkel, the classic 1990s sitcom geek supreme, is back!

Jaleel White, who made Urkel a breakout, catchphrase-generating favorite on "Family Matters," is returning for a special animated holiday musical event, "Did I Do That to the Holidays? A Steve Urkel Story," on Cartoon Network.

Jaleel White
Jaleel White is bringing back Urkel.Disney via Getty Images

Executive produced and written by Wyatt Cenac, "A Steve Urkel Story" will reanimate Urkel in a holiday season scenario, where the "brilliant but accident-prone" character ruins local festivities after he embarrasses a shopping mall Santa.

Trying to make things right again, Urkel comes up with a brilliant invention ... that actually makes things even worse. That means there's only one solution: find the real Santa to try and capture the holiday spirit.

White is now 44, but was a veteran child actor at 12 when he originated Urkel on "Family Matters," which starred Reginald VelJohnson as Carl. Originally he was supposed to have been a one-time guest star, but he became so popular he not just broke out as a beloved character, but fairly took over the show. There were even Urkel-Os as a cereal brand and an Urkel doll.

Jaleel White, Reginald VelJohnson on "Family Matters"
White's Urkel, pictured with Reginald VelJohnson as Carl, became a breakout star on "Family Matters."Disney via Getty Images

The series ended in 1998, when White was 21, and since then he has gone on to appear in such series as "Drunk History," "Me, Myself and I," "Fresh Off the Boat" and "The Big Show Show." In 2019 he provided his voice for "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?" as ... Steve Urkel and Urkel-Bot.

Jaleel White
White will also serve as producer for the new Urkel holiday special.Jerod Harris / Getty Images

"I always took tremendous pride in how many different people, from all walks of life, came up to me and recognized 'Family Matters,'" White told Yahoo! Entertainment in February. "I was always really, really proud of that because that showed a complete opposite of the way I was being treated by our television elite."

There's no premiere date yet for "A Steve Urkel Story," but it is eventually slated to be part of Cartoon Network's ACME Night of block programming that debuts Sept. 19.