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Jake Gyllenhaal plays by Reese's rules

No feet on the table, and someone please take out the trash: Reese Witherspoon has serious domestic rules, and Jake Gyllenhaal is following them.
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For Hollywood “it” couple Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, domestic bliss is simple, as long as they follow the rules. Reese’s rules, that is.

According to Star magazine, before Jake moved into Reese’s $5 million L.A. home last month, the “Legally Blonde” star laid down the law.

“Reese believes in wide-open communication, and she discussed at length with him what is best for her household,” an insider revealed. “Some of (the things she insists on) are run-of-the-mill. He has to take off his shoes when he’s in the house; trash must be taken out when the can is three-quarters full; and no feet on the coffee table.”

Then there are rules catered to providing an appropriate environment for Reese’s children, 8-year-old Ava and 4-year-old Deacon. For instance, Jake has to leave his potty mouth at the door.

“Jake used to swear like a sailor, but not anymore,” the source told Star. “If he does, he has to apologize.”

Reese’s system for success is also said to include daily discussions around the dinner table and consultations with each other before making plans for dinner, home décor or even yoga sessions.

As for Jake, the insider says he’s had his fill of the single life and couldn’t be happier with his new, orderly home life.

“He’d much rather stay home, make popcorn and watch a movie than step foot in a club,” the insider assured. “So when he was looking for a girlfriend, he looked for someone who was past all that — and he found her in Reese.”

Valerie Bertinelli defends Kirstie AlleyWhen diet company Jenny Craig phased out spokesperson Kirstie Alley in favor of a slimmer Valerie Bertinelli, many assumed the decision came down to pounds, as in the ones Kirstie just couldn’t shed.

But the new face of the weight-loss system told OK! magazine she doesn’t buy that theory.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Valerie explained. “I’ve seen Kirstie, and I think she looks terrific.”

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Even though it’s hard to avoid tabloid magazine covers claiming Kirstie’s battle with the bulge is a losing one — often accompanied by unflattering photos, Valerie says that’s not an accurate representation of the woman she knows.

“I don’t know what those photographs might say,” the actress mused. “I don’t really see a lot of them; I’ve heard of them. But I disagree. When I’ve been with Kirstie, she looks terrific.”

It’s all relative anyway, as far as Valerie’s concerned, as even she fails to measure up to Hollywood’s extreme expectations.

“I’m not a two; I’m not a four; I’m between a six and an eight,” she said of her size. “In the business I’m in, that’s heavy. But you know what? I’m comfortable at this weight”

Dish on the flyThey’ve been married almost two years, but a kind word from Tom Cruise still makes Katie Holmes blush. “I love it when Tom tells me I look great,” the Broadway-bound actress said in an interview with Hello magazine. “It gives me such confidence. Sometimes it makes me blush but it also gives me attitude.” But it doesn’t go to her head, as Katie’s quick to report her supposed shortcomings. “I will forever wage the battle of the thighs!” she added. … Lindsay Lohan’s finally put her bad work rep behind her. The actress, who was once called out for her irresponsible on-set behavior, has proved herself while working on her new film “Labor Pains,” according to her co-star. “It was what I expected,” Cheryl Hines explained to People. “I honestly expected that she's gotten herself together, and really wanted to work and that's what she's showing us. I'm very proud of her.” … Is the world ready for Paris Hilton’s mini-me? Ready or not, E! Online’s The Awful Truth hints the heirhead may be pregnant. The speculation sparked after party girl Paris suddenly switched to a teetotaling lifestyle. “She’s not drinking,” a source told TAT. “It’s the first time I’ve never seen her do that.” Hmm, maybe she’s just being a responsible designated driver? It could happen.

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