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Jake Gyllenhaal, Jimmy Fallon redefine 'spit take' in outrageous cop show skit

Apparently, appearing with the "Tonight Show" host on a show in the 1980s was a pretty disgusting experience.
/ Source: TODAY

Remember Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal's '80s cop show, "Point Pleasant Police Department?"

You know, the one where they spent more time at the snack table than on the streets and used words with a lot of hard "p" sounds?


Well, until Monday night neither did we. But when Gyllenhaal joined Fallon on "The Tonight Show" to talk about his new movie "Demolition," the pair couldn't stop reminiscing about the cop show that never was — and showing "clips" from it.

The gag had the pair don police uniforms and feed their faces, all while attempting dialogue that led to the inevitable: spewing food and liquid in each other's faces, while trying not to crack up.

Fallon could barely keep his fake mustache pasted on!

The between-the-clips bits were almost as hilarious, as the pair raced back to Fallon's desk to set up each clip.

This isn't the first time Fallon has let things get messy with his guests: Remember the clips with Jon Hamm at the "Palisades Park Pet Patrol"?

Or Bill Hader, who also appeared at the "PPPD"?

Lesson learned: If you're gonna appear with Jimmy Fallon on a long-ago police show, make sure to bring extra towels.

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