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Jacksons defend stun gun purchase

Jermaine and 13-year-old son Jaafar say that Jaafar never threatened Michael’s children with a stun gun at the Jackson family home in Encino, Calif., as the tabloids reported.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jaafar Jackson’s purchase of a stun gun caused controversy within the Jackson family home earlier this month. Now, for the first time since this incident made headlines, Jaafar and dad Jermaine Jackson have opened up about the incident and they explained to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson what really happened, including whether Michael’s children were ever in danger.

“Jaafar is a very good boy,” Jermaine told Robinson. “He’s never done anything to hurt anybody.”

Jermaine and 13-year-old son Jaafar were adamant when they told Robinson that Jaafar never threatened Michael’s children with a stun gun at the Jackson family home in Encino, Calif., as the tabloids reported.

Robinson met up with the two and with Jermaine’s 9-year-old son, Jermajesty, at the Westlake Golf Course where Jaafar showed off his impressive golfing skills. It was at that locale that Robinson asked Jermaine and Jaafar about the youngster’s purchase last month of a 300,000 volt stun gun online for $38, which Jaafar said, was a surprise gift for his dad.

“The box came. You then opened up the box and you were looking at it and?” Robinson asked.

“And I tested it on a piece of paper,” Jaafar explained. “Then I put it back in the box that it came with and put it in the drawer then the security came and took it.

“The people around us said that I had it for a few days and I was chasing Blanket and Paris around the house, which is not true. They didn’t know anything about it and they’re on the other side of the house,” he added.

“So there’s someone in the house…” Jermaine chimed in.

“That told,” Jaafar interrupted.

“That are leaking things out and shouldn’t be,” Jermaine finished.

Time to clean houseJermaine claimed that these people were once a part of Michael’s world and are now trying to cause a division within the Jackson family. He claimed they leaked the stun gun situation to the press and alerted Child Services.

“They’re trying to take us out of the house so they use this incident to try and say I’m a bad kid which I’m not because I’ll never try to hurt my cousin at all,” Jaafar explained.

“These are people who are there who Michael didn’t even want around when he was here,” Jermaine added.

“Have you and Prince talked about these other people in the house and how does he feel?” asked Robinson.

Jaafar responded, “He wish[ed] they weren’t there.”

“Jermaine, will those people ever be out of your lives?” Robinson asked.

“Yes, yes. They will if I have the final say,” Jermaine said. “We lost our brother so it’s time to clean house. It’s time to get rid of everything and everybody and just start anew.”

Jermaine and Jaafar said that after a visit to the Jackson home, Child Services found nothing wrong.

As for rumors that Jermaine’s kids and Michael’s kids don’t get along, Jaafar maintained that they play together all the time.

“How do they spend their days?” Robinson asked.

“We go to school, we go eat, we play video games, go swimming and karate,” Jaafar said.