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Jackson wrote thank-you song for fans

Michael Jackson — the self-exiled King of Pop — has written a song to thank his fans for sticking by him.
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Michael Jackson — the self-exiled King of Pop — has written a song to thank his fans for sticking by him.

Jackson has, according to his father, permanently relocated to Bahrain, but he told the operator of a fan site that he is working on his next album and is “writing constantly.”

In particular, he said, he has penned a song to thank all his fans who stood by him during his messy child molestation scandal, where he was found not guilty on all counts. In fact, he said, he wrote the song during the course of that trial, and has called it “You Are So Beautiful.” He says he’s headed to a studio shortly to record it.

“I love [the fans] and everything they do... everything,” Jackson told the president of his fan site, “I see everything they do, I don’t miss anything. I notice and feel everything, from their letters and posters and signs and gifts.”

As has been reported elsewhere, it looks like Jackson is shutting down his own site, and some are blaming his financial situation.

Despite urging from the fan site operator, Jackson said he had no plans to tour, but rather, she reports, said he “would probably be doing film.”

An Apple a day keeps the germs awayDon’t expect to run into Gwyneth Paltrow in line at the ladies’ room.

The “Proof” star is a “germophobe,” according to a report, who takes her own hairbrush and comb to the hairdresser, won’t use public restrooms, and has even taken to scrubbing the bathtubs at hotels where she’s staying.

“She’s always been pretty clean-obsessed, but recently it’s reached a whole new level,” a source “close to the actress” told Star magazine. According to the source, Paltrow insists that visitors take off their shoes at her house, she sometimes won’t shake people’s hands, and she often asks people to use antibacterial soap before they touch her young daughter, Apple.

Paltrow’s spokesman confirms the actress’s no-shoes policy and said that when Apple was a few weeks old her mother may have been rather protective, but dismisses the other claims.

Notes from all overSteven Spielberg is considering doing a remake of one of his own movies. The director is telling people that he might do another version of “The Sugarland Express,” the 1974 flick starring Goldie Hawn.  . . . Those rumors about Laila Ali’s love life are so rampant that she issued a statement denying that she’s a lesbian. “Yes, I am in the process of getting a divorce, but I am not dating, nor will I ever be dating a woman, because I am not gay,” said the boxing great’s daughter — who is a boxing champ herself. “It is unfortunate that my divorce has started rumors in the media that are untrue.”  . . . “Desperate Housewives” newcomer Linda Dano (she plays pharmacist George's mother) admits that she had a facelift eight years ago — but insists that she doesn’t want another. She says she doesn’t want to become one of those too-stretched actors who has trouble closing her eyes.

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