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Jackson’s sons can’t accept dad’s death

As is to be expected, the grief-filled months since Michael Jackson’s sudden death have been difficult for his three young children, but one them is said to be coping much better than the others.

According to the “King of Pop’s” sister, La Toya Jackson, 11-year-old Paris Michael has found a positive way to keep her father’s memory close. However, the singer’s death took a tougher toll on his sons, Prince Michael, 12, and Prince Michael II, aka “Blanket,” 7.

“Paris thinks and talks about her father all the time,” La Toya Jackson explained in an interview the Daily Mirror. “She’s doing very well, writes a lot and she wears his shirts every day. They still smell of him and it helps her feel close to him.”

But embracing the memory of Michael Jackson hasn’t come nearly as easily for the late legend’s oldest child.

“Prince just doesn’t want to speak about it,” La Toya Jackson told the paper. “He won’t even watch the DVDs — he just walks right past the TV. It’s too soon, too touching. I do worry about him very much.”

It’s a concern that carries over to the youngest Jackson sibling, who has allegedly confronted his emotions, if not accepted his loss.

“And Blanket is just a very sad, shy little boy,” the children’s aunt said. “He cries — he really does cry. It’s so painful for him. No one can bring his daddy back and it hurts so much.”

Each child will likely heal in his or her own time, but La Toya Jackson is hopeful that outside help may speed the process.

“They all go to therapy,” she revealed, adding, “and I truly hope Prince especially will be able to open up.”

Gibson’s girlfriend won’t sign prenupIf movie star Mel Gibson hopes to marry pregnant gal pal Oksana Grigorieva, he’ll have to do it sans prenup. According to a report in the National Enquirer, Grigorieva wants the man and his money — no strings attached.

“(It) gave Mel a kick in the head when she flat-out refused to sign (a prenuptial agreement)” a friend revealed to the magazine. “But Oksana wants all or nothing.”

It’s not the first time the Russian musician has issued such an ultimatum, said the insider, who recalled Grigorieva’s split with her former fiancé, actor Timothy Dalton.

“She had Timothy's baby, but refused to marry him because he insisted on a prenup to protect his fortune,” the insider charged. “Oksana was offended by it — and now she's telling Mel the same thing… She'll give him up before she'll sign. She's done it before.”

Dish on the flyMove over K-Fed! While Dad Kevin Federline prepares for his “Celebrity Fit Club” stint, little Sean Preston and Jayden James have a new father figure in their lives: Britney Spears’ agent-turned-boyfriend, Jason Trawick. “He is absolutely fantastic with the boys,” a source close to Trawick told Us Weekly. “When you see him with them, you wouldn’t think for a moment that he wasn’t their dad. He treats the kids like they are his own.” … Sure, actress Salma Hayek seems to be in fine physical form as far as anyone with eyes is concerned, but appearances can be deceiving. At least that’s her take on it. “I won a ‘Best Body Award’ from Fitness Magazine, and I was too embarrassed to accept it,” Hayek said in a quote posted to Showbiz Spy. “I actually don’t have a good body, but if everybody thinks so, I guess it means I’m a good actress.”

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