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Jackson pokes fun at herself on SNL

Posing as national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, she bared a heavily blurred out breast on the advice of Dick Cheney, as portrayed by Darrell Hammond.
/ Source: The Associated Press

It was inevitable: Janet Jackson spoofing her infamous wardrobe malfunction by flashing a heavily pixillated breast on “Saturday Night Live.”

The one surprise was the context. Jackson portrayed national security adviser Condoleezza Rice opening her blouse at the Sept. 11 commission hearings, in an opening skit on Saturday’s comedy show.

The skit showed Vice President Dick Cheney, played by Darrell Hammond, suggesting Rice should “flash a boob” to distract the public from her testimony.

“Just one headlight, real quick,” he said. “It does two things. You win over the liberals, plus, it’s a distraction for the press. I guarantee that’s going to be the headline, not the bin Laden thing.”

Jackson, as Rice, huffily refuses.

“I am not a prude, sir, but this hearing is not the forum for that kind of lewd conduct,” she said. “There are other forums, like pay television or national sporting championships. That would be fine, but I am the national security adviser.”

Cheney reluctantly agreed. “It was Ashcroft’s idea,” he said.

The scene shifted to the commission hearing. Rice, tongue-tied under questioning, opened her blouse and pretended to reveal her right breast — the same one seen by millions of Super Bowl viewers during her halftime performance.

This time, the breast was heavily blurred by the network.

Jackson was the guest host and musical guest on “Saturday Night Live.”