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Jackson denied addiction, mom tells 'Oprah'

Michael Jackson’s mother and children are speaking together publicly for the first time since the King of Pop’s death last June at the age of 50.

In an interview set to air on Monday’s “Oprah Winfrey Show,” Katherine told the queen of daytime television that she did try to talk to her son about his addiction issues, which were exposed to the world after it was revealed that he died of acute Propofol intoxication.

“Had you ever spoken to him about his addiction?” Oprah asked in clips released by her show on Friday.

“I spoke to him about them once when I had heard it and he denied it,” Katherine said.

“And he denied it to you?” Oprah.

“Mmhmm,” Katherine nodded.

It was a mother’s intuition and her son’s safely guarded secret.

“I was telling him I didn’t want to hear one day that he had overdosed, because it would break my heart and it would kill me too,” Katherine said of how she confronted her son.

Katherine told Oprah that her son denied the rumors.

“He said he wasn’t on it. He said, ‘Mother, you don’t believe,’ ” Katherine recounted. “He kept saying that my own mother [doesn’t] believe me.”

The episode will also feature an interview with Michael’s three children — Prince Michael I, Paris and Blanket.